open – Open source for the μT-Kernel

The T-Engine Forum has released the specifications and reference source code for the μT-Kernel. The μT-Kernel is distributed under the μT-License that allows users to develop and distribute any kind of μT-Kernel implementation. This site is the home for open source related to the μT-Kernel.

Essential Reading

If you are keen to get started on the μT-Kernel, here are a few articles to help you along. Most of this material is from the TE@Onghu website that is an information site about the T-Engine and related technologies.

  • T-Engine & UID Explained – Understand the background to the T-Engine and Ubiquitous ID. These panels will help you understand why the μT-Kernel was created. In particular, look at Slide 20 to understand what’s new with the μT-License.
  • Introducing the μT-Kernel – This article explains the key differences between the T-Kernel and the μT-Kernel. If you have experience with the T-Kernel, this will help you get up to speed very quickly.
  • Future Directions with the T-Kernel – This article takes a look at the plans for the T-Kernel and discusses where the μT-Kernel fits in a roadmap that spans everything from 8-bit/ 16-bit all the way to multi-core processors.
  • μT-License – Read the terms, conditions and restrictions that govern the release of the μT-Kernel.


There are currently no downloads from this website. The following items are available from the T-Engine Forum to the public:

Get Involved

Are you keen to get involved with this website and project? Get in touch with Mohit Sindhwani by emailing with your ideas. You can read more about the T-Engine on the TE@Onghu website and you can discuss the μT-Kernel or project ideas on the TE@Onghu Developer Forum/ BBS also at


These are some of the links that may be useful to you in your journey.